Annual Reports

Annual Report 2012


Focus on the UPR

Published on 12.09.2013

Overview of activities, financing and structure

Intended for the general public for the first time, the Annual Report 2012 provides an overview of the SCHR's activities. All information on publications, events and networking activities of the past year is presented. In addition, the annual report shall provide comprehensible information on the structure and financing of the Centre and on the use of funds.

Retrospective on the main thematic axes of 2012

The Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of Switzerland by the UN Human Rights Council was a priority in the work of the SCHR in 2012. The annual report shows how the SCHR has accompanied and supported the dialogue between the various actors involved in the UPR process through substantive work, information and awareness-raising events. On the other hand, the report examines the subject of trafficking in Human Beings Switzerland and questions how the situation of victims can be examined in this field, which is marked by a significant grey area. Finally, the annual report puts into perspective the challenges that the Swiss Center of Expertise for Human Rights will have to face in the near future.

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