Annual Reports

Annual Report 2013

Published on 11.08.2014

Practical expertise in the focus of activities

The SCHR supports the implementation of human rights in Switzerland in manifold ways. The Annual Report 2013 offers an extensive overview of the SCHR’s activities and shows that the demand for practical expertise by the SCHR has risen over the last year, too.

The SCHR has for the first time published a comprehensive study on the implementation of recommendations by international human rights organisations. A further focus of the annual report lies on legal protection against police violence. Furthermore, an initiative by a group of banks advocating the implementation of UN guidelines on economy and human rights is presented. The annual report also provides an overview of the various challenges affecting the SCHR that will end its pilot phase at the end of 2015.

Overview on organisation, structure and financing

Besides the summary of activities the annual report provides clearly structured information on SCHR publications and events over the past year. In addition, the annual report gives detailed account of the organisational structure, financing and the utilisation of resources of the SCHR.

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